Cooking is Easy

Cooking healthy food with style is what we are famous for.


With a genuine passion for bringing happiness to your life, Foodbreak brings the best flavours from across the world to you through its wonderful culinary creations.

We offer cooking lessons to meet the needs of our client. We offer group and one to one curry classes where we teach all the best curry recipes.

We also offer food-based well-being classes where depending on the needs of the client we focus on healthy eating, portion control, isolation, teaching a new skill as well as providing an opportunity for participants to meet and socialise with other participants.

Meet Misbah

Cooking is my art… my passion, and my inspiration is my Mum. She has brought the tastes of Punjab to our kitchen at home, having learnt generations of recipes from her… I was always looking to expand her repertoire and put a new twist to old classics… but the heart of the dishes remain true to the basics – home cooked and from the soul. Now I look forward to share my knowledge and skills with others through our Foodbreak workshops.


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